Payment Schedule

Students participating in the 2017 Michigan Physics REU program will receive a stipend of $5000 for the ten-week duration of the program (June 5 to August 11, 2017).  The stipend will be paid out on the following schedule:

 Date Amount
 June 5, 2017
 June 12, 2017 $500 
 June 26, 2017 $1000 
 July 10, 2017 $1000 
 July 24, 2017 $1000 
 August 7, 2017$1000
 Total $5,000

Tax Information

Please note that the REU stipend is taxable.  However, it is paid out of a financial aid account and not of a high enough value to trigger a tax form (i.e. W-2 or 1098T) from the university, so it will be considered Self-Reported Income on your income tax form.

If you have questions regarding this, the phone number for Student Financial Services is (734) 764- 7447.