Payment Schedule

Students participating in the 2020 Michigan Physics REU program will receive a stipend of $5000 for the ten-week duration of the program (June 7 to August 13, 2020).  The cost of your room will be paid to you and you will pay the rent.  The room deposit will be added to the first payment and subtracted from the last payment.  The stipend and room rent will be paid out on the following schedule:

 Date Rent Deposit Food Allowance  Stipend Total 
 June 18, 2021
$1000 $500  $405 $2500  $4405
July 16, 2021  $1000 -$500  $2500  $3000 
 Total $2,000  0 $405 $5,000

Tax Information

Please note that the REU stipend is taxable.  However, it is paid out of a financial aid account and not of a high enough value to trigger a tax form (i.e. W-2 or 1098-T) from the university, so it will be considered Self-Reported Income on your income tax form.

If you have questions regarding this, the phone number for Student Financial Services is (734) 764- 7447.