Symposium Schedule

Talks are in 340 West Hall
Wednesday, August 7
9:30 Brinda Yarlagadda Characterization of GaAsBi films
9:45 Srividya Suresh Calculating Scattering Amplitudes and Form Factors
10:00 Vanessa Logan Our Universe as a Network
10:15 Alexander Jalota Simulating Indole Rescue in Dihydrofolate Reductase
10:30 Break
10:45 Amanda Hendricks The Significance of Conformational Changes in RNA and DNA
11:00 Grant Rorem A High Precision Measurement of the Rydberg Constant
11:15 Patricia Moravec Dark Matter to Energetics
11:30 Aaron White

Direct Photons at PHENIX

11:45 Lunch
1:00 Ruben Cabrera 10 Simple Steps to Building an Apparatus to Calibrate Telescopes
1:15 Zhenbin YangFermionic Spectral Functions in AdS/CFT
1:30 Omkar Shende A Novel Method for Enhancing Thermopower in Bulk Engineered Semiconductors
1:45 Qiang Han Analytic Continuation by Sobolev Method
2:00 Break
2:15 Alan Xu Legos as a toy model for Self-Assembly
2:30 Dou Liu Searching and Testing New Materials for Cantilevers
2:45 Quinn MacPherson Rheometry of Corn Starch Suspensions
3:00 Melissa Hutcheson The K0TO Experiment
3:15 Break
3:30 Julia Steinberg Gapless Edge Modes in Metallic Systems with Conformal Symmetry
3:45 Robert Nevins A Subwavelength Cascaded Quarter Wave Plate for Millimeter Waves
4:00 Shuvro Guha Photoelectrochemical Oxidation of InGaN Quantum Dots

Thursday, August 8
9:30 Briana Mork Using pulse shaping to enable selective multi-color, two-photon fluorescence
microscopy using a broadband, pulsed laser
9:45 Angelica Davis Optics with 3D Epitaxial InGaAs and InGaN Quantum Dots
10:00 Yutong Pan

Higgs mass measurements in H->4l decay channel

10:15 Kareem Hegazy

Higgs JCP Measurement in the 4l Channel Using BDT

10:30 Break
10:45 Katherine Lass High Resolution Imaging of Galaxy Clusters: Building a Calibrator for MUSTANG2
11:00 Lisa Ruan Scattering of entangled light
11:15 Niko Rombes Aspects of Higher-Spin Gravity
11:30 Evelia Salinas

Designing a fluorescent protein reporter of chromosome copy

11:45 Lunch
1:00 Jake Magid Coherent Backscattering of Quantum Light
1:15 Daniel Cunningham Challenging Ulam's Packing Conjecture
1:30 Alex An Current-Induced Spin Polarization: Imaging and Samples
1:45 Tyler Nuanes Fluorescence of Quantum Dots
2:00 Break
2:15 Ellie Fodor Incorporating Ga Droplets into New Optoelectronic Materials
2:30 Thaige Gompa A Study of Active Processes in the Chromosomal DNA of E. coli
2:45 Tanner Lange Cross-sections of Standard Model Processes at 14 TeV
3:00 Juniar Lucien Characterization of Samarium Hexaboride (Smb6), a Topological Insulator