REU 2019

First Day - Front Row: Cassandra Little, Marisa Romanelli, Samia Sabir, Julia Robe, Shae Machlus.  Back row: Declan Norton, Emily Oliphant, Joseph Essman, Aric Moilanen, Megan Morgenstern

At the Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab

Underground at the MINOS detector at Fermilab
In front of the bubble chamber at Fermilab
Julia Robe presenting her project.
After the presentations, Front row: Marisa Romanelli, Shae Machlus, Samia Sabir, Julia Robe.  Back row: Declan Norton, Joseph Essman, Emily Oliphant, Megan Morgenstern, Cassandra Little, Aric Moilanen
 Name Presentation Paper
 Joseph Essman Kinetic Monte Carlo Methods in Bulk Heterojunction Organic Photovoltaic Cells 
 Cassandra Little Extinction Monitoring 
 Shae Machlus  
 Aric Moilanen Building a SEEKAT Digital to Analogue Converter Building a SEEKAT Digital to Analogue Converter
 Megan Morgenstern  
 Declan Norton  
 Emily Oliphant Simulations of Nitrogen Incorporation into GaAsN Alloys The Role of Lattice Relaxation 
 Julia Robe Improving CMB Cosmology using a Cryogenic Reflectometer 
 Marisa Romanelli  
 Samia Sabir