REU Final Presentations 2010

Wednesday, July 28

    1:00 PM: "Testing Statistical Isotropy of the CMB: The Effect of Foreground on Low-1 Multipoles" Jeremy Bradford (Central Connecticut State University)
    1:20 PM: "Quell Your Dreads: Quantum Dots are Your Friends" Deborah Tien (Wellesley College)
    1:40 PM: "When Matter Meets Anti-Matter: Probing Polymers with Positrons" Daniel Blatter (University of Utah)
    2:00 PM: "Characteristics of Vibrating Emulsions" Jacob Bruggeman (Rice University)
    2:20 PM:  BREAK
    2:40 PM: "Measuring Optical Clock Transitions in Neutral Mercury Vapor" Kaitlin Moore (University of Michigan)
    3:00 PM: "Riboflavin Based Cell-Targeting: Riboflavin Binding Protein Binding" Andrew Harmon (Calvin College)
    3:20 PM: "Millennium Gas Simulation: An X-Ray Observer's View" Avery Archer (DePauw University)
    3:40 PM: "Persistence and Quantum Efficiency Analysis on NIR HgCdTe Detectors" Benjamin Landes (University of Michigan) and Joel Xu (Caltech)

Thursday, July 29

    1:00 PM: "Non Linearity in Irradiated DNA and the Effect of Magnetic Field" Adriana Cordova (University of Puerto Rico)
    1:20 PM: "Excitons in Atomically Thin GaSe Sheets" Benjamin Isaacoff (University of Michigan)
    1:40 PM: "Identifying and Correcting Intra-Pixel Variations in Near-Infrared Dectectors" Michael Howe and Joshua Larson (University of Michigan)
    2:00 PM: "Direct Detection of Dark Matter" Christopher Creighton (Albion College)
    2:20 PM:  BREAK
    2:40 PM: "Networking the 'Verse" Mallory Fuhst (Grand Valley State University)
    3:00 PM: "K0TO Experiment" Angela Steinmann (Stetson University)
    3:20 PM: "RVVP: ROTSE Variable-Star Verification Project" Anastasiya Romadan and Nikola Whallon (University of Michigan)