REU Final Presentations 2012

Wednesday, August 8

    09:20 AM:   Opening
    09:30 AM:  "Low Frequency 1/f noise in 2DEG AlGaAs Hall Bar Structures" Stephen Collins (Gordon College)
    09:45 AM:  "Modeling Circadian Rhythm in Cyanobacteria" Andrew McElroy 
    10:00 AM:  "Assembly of Particle Clusters without Substrate Template" Suraj Jaipalli (Huron)
    10:15 AM:   BREAK
    10:30 AM:  "Quantum Oscillation in Topological Superconductor" Wadi Wang (USTC)
    10:45 AM:  "Optimizing Luminaire Beam Profiles" Zachary Kobos (USC)
    11:00 AM:  "Ultrafast Two Photon Transient Absorption Spectroscopy in Heme Proteins" Eric Copenhaver (The University of Akron)
    11:15 AM:  "BOSS Calibration, A Step Towards BigBOSS" Evan Losh (SUNY Geneseo)
    11:30 AM:   LUNCH
    01:30 PM:  "Laser Locking with Piezo Driven Frequency Modulation" Monika Mohacsi (Adelphi University)
    01:45 PM:  "Tracking Vibrio Cholerae" Austin Little (University HS Academy)
    02:00 PM:  "Effect of Ceramide on Phase Transition in Plasma Membrane Vesicles" Gladys Diaz Vazquez
    02:15 PM:   BREAK
    02:30 PM:  "Purification and Mutagenesis of Protein Farnesyltransferase" Phillip Sanchez
    02:45 PM:  "Network Theory and Galaxy Clusters" Anne Theurkauf (Lehigh University)
    03:00 PM:  "Network Alerting System for USATLAS Based on perfSONAR" Yuan Cao (USTC)
    03:15 PM:   BREAK
    03:45 PM:  "Magnifying Signals in Fluorescence Binding Assays" Saul Richmond-Rakerd (Brown)
    04:00 PM:  "Plasmon-Enhanced Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy" Christopher Hayes (Austin Peay State University)
    04:15 PM:  "Measuring Nonlinear Responses in Solutions of Gold Nanorods" Wayne Lester (Cass Tech)

Thursday, August 9
    09:45 AM:  "The Higgs, Muons, and Resistive Plate Chambers" Danielle Norcini (Penn State University)
    10:15 AM:  "Fabrication and Properties of FIB-Synthesized Ga Nanodroplets Arrays" Danielle Sofferman (Adelphi University)
    10:30 AM:   BREAK
    10:45 AM:  "Nanocomposite Materials Targeting High Efficiency Thermoelectrics"  Eilam Morag (Huron)
    11:00 AM:  "Development of a Metrology System to Enable Daytime Observing by the Atacama Cosmology Telescope" Jamie MacLennan (Lawrence Technological University)
    11:15 AM:  "Toy Monte Carlo Simulations Mirroring the Kaon Decay Explored in the K0TO Experiment" Christiana Erba (University of Rochester)
    11:30 AM:  "The K0TO Experiment" Jennifer Miller (University of Michigan)
    11:45 AM:   LUNCH
    01:00 PM:   Dina Rudelson (Huron)
    01:15 PM:  "Feasibility Study of H →a1a1→4 muons Detection" Wenjuan Zhang (USTC)
    01:30 PM:  "Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Peptides at Varying pH" Ben Hulbert
    01:45 PM:   "Calculating the Higgs Mass Resolution at ATLAS" Kareem Hegazy (University of Michigan)
    02:00 PM:   BREAK
    02:15 PM:  "DNA Breaks from Neutron Radiation" Linda Poplawski (High Point University)
    02:30 PM:  "Soliton Boson Stars in AdS" Sanle Hu (USTC)
    02:45 PM:  "Seeing the Light Through Sub-Wavelength Apertures" Elliott Countess (New College of Florida)
    03:00 PM:  "Variation of Phase Transition Temperature at Different Stages in the Cell Cycle"  Erin Gray (University of Michigan)
    03:15 PM:   BREAK
    03:30 PM:  "Photometric Redshift Estimation"  Cody Carr (Kalamazoo College)
    03:45 PM:  "Influence of Buffer Layer Morphology on InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Growth" Brendan Faeth (University of Florida)
    04:00 PM:  "Resolving Single Electron for Cantilever Magnetometry" Tong Gao (Tsinghua University, China)
    04:15 PM:   Joshua Engleman