REU 2013

Back row: Patricia Moravec, Quinn MacPherson, Grant Rorem, Tanner Lange
Center row: Julia Steinberg, Vanessa Logan, Alex An, Ruben Cabrera
Front row: Katherine Lass, Srividya Suresh, Melissa Hutcheson, Juniar Lucien

REU group visit to Fermilab, at the bubble chamber and at the MicroBooNe construction facility.

REU group at the end of the presentations.  
From left to right: Alex An, Katie Lass, Vanessa Logan, Juniar Lucien, 
Quinn MacPherson, Patricia Moravec, Tanner Lange, Srividya Suresh, 
Julia Steinberg, Zhenbin Yang, Melissa Hutcheson, Qiang Han, 
Ruben Cabrera, Don Liu and Grant Rorem.

Symposium Schedule

Talks are in 340 WH
Wednesday, August 7
To view the talk click on the title of the talk.  To read the research report click on the name of the participant.
9:30Brinda YarlagaddaCharacterization of GaAsBi films
9:45Srividya SureshCalculating Scattering Amplitudes and Form Factors
10:00Vanessa LoganOur Universe as a Network
10:15Alexander JalotaSimulating Indole Rescue in Dihydrofolate Reductase
10:45Amanda HendricksThe Significance of Conformational Changes in RNA and DNA
11:00Grant RoremA High Precision Measurement of the Rydberg Constant
11:15Patricia MoravecDark Matter to Energetics
11:30Aaron White

Direct Photons at PHENIX

1:00Ruben Cabrera10 Simple Steps to Building an Apparatus to Calibrate Telescopes
1:15Zhenbin YangFermionic Spectral Functions in AdS/CFT
1:30Omkar ShendeA Novel Method for Enhancing Thermopower in Bulk Engineered Semiconductors
1:45Qiang HanAnalytic Continuation by Sobolev Method
2:15Alan XuLegos as a toy model for Self-Assembly
2:30Dou LiuSearching and Testing New Materials for Cantilevers
2:45Quinn MacPhersonRheometry of Corn Starch Suspensions
3:00Melissa HutchesonThe K0TO Experiment
3:30Julia SteinbergGapless Edge Modes in Metallic Systems with Conformal Symmetry
3:45Robert NevinsA Subwavelength Cascaded Quarter Wave Plate for Millimeter Waves
4:00Shuvro GuhaPhotoelectrochemical Oxidation of InGaN Quantum Dots

Thursday, August 8
9:30Briana MorkUsing pulse shaping to enable selective multi-color, two-photon fluorescence
microscopy using a broadband, pulsed laser
9:45Angelica DavisOptics with 3D Epitaxial InGaAs and InGaN Quantum Dots
10:00Yutong Pan

Higgs mass measurements in H->4l decay channel

10:15Kareem Hegazy

Higgs JCP Measurement in the 4l Channel Using BDT

10:45Katherine LassHigh Resolution Imaging of Galaxy Clusters: Building a Calibrator for MUSTANG2
11:00Lisa RuanScattering of entangled light
11:15Niko RombesAspects of Higher-Spin Gravity
11:30Evelia Salinas

Designing a fluorescent protein reporter of chromosome copy

1:00Jake MagidCoherent Backscattering of Quantum Light
1:15Daniel CunninghamChallenging Ulam's Packing Conjecture
1:30Alex AnCurrent-Induced Spin Polarization: Imaging and Samples
1:45Tyler NuanesFluorescence of Quantum Dots
2:15Ellie FodorIncorporating Ga Droplets into New Optoelectronic Materials
2:30Thaige GompaA Study of Active Processes in the Chromosomal DNA of E. coli
2:45Tanner LangeCross-sections of Standard Model Processes at 14 TeV
3:00Juniar LucienCharacterization of Samarium Hexaboride (Smb6), a Topological Insulator